Friday, June 7, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 20

Three days in a row! Let's see if I'll make it four...

Week of: May 13-19

Project Life week20leftProject Life week20right

Highlights this week: Softball season is in full 'swing', the weather improved- lots of time outside , the kids struggle with swimming lessons, soccer is going well

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The weather has been weird. This was only our second game because we've had so many rainouts already.
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Before school one morning.
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Showing off their coolness.
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On Saturday morning, Annaliese helped plant some beans in our garden.
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Then we cheered on Ian at his soccer game. He scored SIX goals!
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The weather was so nice that Annaliese played outside that afternoon.
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But Ian opted to relax and play Annaliese's princess game.
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Swimming lessons on Sunday have not been going to well for Annaliese. She went from fearless to frightened in one week, and now won't let go to float, even though she was doing it in the past.
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Ian all set to swim on his back down to the other end. He gets a bit freaked out still, about how far it is and afraid of sinking. If he only had to go half the distance, he could totally do it.

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