Saturday, June 8, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 21

Week of: May 20-26

Project Life week21left
Project Life week21right

Highlights this week: Last day of school, last day of soccer, last day of swimming lessons, new Batman figure,  first picnic, park and bike fun.

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Friday was Ian's last day of Kindergarten. I got a shot very similar to the one from the beginning of the year.
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Last day of school celebration- Cherry Berry
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At Ian's last soccer game for the season, Annaliese entertained herself by snapping pictures with the big camera. It was funny to watch her try and manage it, but she did fairly well. She got this shot of Darrin..
print16 (2)
...and this shot of me. Along with lots of pictures of random people.
print14 (3)
Enjoying his snacks after his last game. Darrin took this one ;)
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On the way home from the game, we stopped by the park to play. We were all on the swings at once.
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That night, we picnicked at Standing Bear...
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... and then the kids rode their bikes around the lake.
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Sunday's swimming lessons were our last. The kids got to stay in their suits when they got home and run through the sprinklers.
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Batman gets a lot of play around here and we only had one until I picked up another with a Batbike for Annaliese thinking it would end the arguing. Now they just argue who gets to play with the new one...

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