Sunday, June 23, 2013

The End of Kindergarten

I participated in a CSI challenge this week.  No, not Crime Scene Investigation, but Color, Stories, and Inspiration. It is a weekly challenge blog for scrapbooking that provides a color scheme, as well as evidence (of which you have to use at least two on your layout) and testimony (journaling prompts/structure).  I had heard of this site awhile ago, but at the time, found it too overwhelming. Apparently my mind has been changed, because for the second week in a row, I've completed a layout for the challenge.

Here's the case file for the challenge. The second week of the month there's an added twist of a sketch you have to incorporate:

And here's what my take was on it the file and sketch:

I tend to like neutrals for my background, so I immediately went with that for the background.  I had trouble finding an orange I really liked, so there is a bit of it on the yellow paper behind the pictures.   When I look at the pictures what I notice most isn't Ian, but how freaking long Annaliese's hair was!

For my evidence, I chose circles and numbers. The Thickers (number stickers) I used on this layout were actually white and I played with paint to create my own mist and get them as close as I could to the color blue I wanted.  

The testimony is "Save the Date". I wrote about the May 24th date, and how much he knew on that day as opposed to when he started kindergarten.

I've already got pictures printed for next week. Hopefully I can have it done more than a few hours before the deadline like I had this one done...

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