Sunday, June 30, 2013

Water Fun

This past week was the warmest week we've had this summer... right up until this weekend which has been the perfect weather if you ask me (upper-70s and no need for air). While it was warmer, the kids and I went to a friend's pool (Tuesday) and then to the splash pad (Friday).  At the pool, the first thing  she did as soon as I got the sunscreen and life jacket on her, was turn around and jump off the board. We hadn't been to that pool since last year, she hasn't jumped off any board since last year, and it was practically all she did the two hours we were there... that, and jump off the side of the pool. Ian had just as much fun of the boards as Annaliese. There were older boys there, and he enjoyed getting in water shooter fights with them as well.
On Friday there was definitely a breeze, and as such, just a few kids at the park. Ian and Annaliese pretty much had the run of the place and, as has always been the case, were each others best friends. 
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