Friday, July 12, 2013

Random Photos from the 4th Weekend

Had a few photos that didn't fit into any of the other posts I wrote..

Ian played ladder ball for the first time with Darrin and Grandpa. Throwing the ball was a bit difficult for him, but I'm sure he'll get better.

DSC_0810 copy

Annaliese put my glasses on, and I had to grab a shot of my diva.

DSC_0975 copy

Ian, just posing

DSC_1010 copy

Grandpa has a big rock on the land, which Ian dubbed his "King Chair".  It also works great to go and pout behind when your mom tells you that you can't drive the tractor anymore.

DSC_1016 copy

The rest of the pictures were ones Annaliese took all by herself with our big camera.  I didn't crop or adjust them in any way. I'd say my 3-year-old is pretty darn good at composing a picture, with a camera that's huge.
DSC_0979 copy
DSC_0980 copy
DSC_0994 copy
DSC_0995 copy
DSC_0998 copy

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