Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tractors and More

One of the things I appreciate most about visiting our parents is the fact they live in a completely different setting than we do. My kids are able to travel down gravel roads, see miles of green, visit farm animals (that aren't at the zoo), and drive tractors. Lots and lots of tractors.

DSC_0751 copy
He got this tractor for his second birthday from my parents, and he still can ride it- though much faster now. Love that he still loves riding it (I don't ever want him to get too big to ride on it).
DSC_0760 copy
She's big enough to ride it, too. Baby Belle enjoyed many rides in the wagon.
DSC_0964 copy
Fast forward a few days and he's moved up to a bigger tractor- one he drove and drove and drove by himself. 

DSC_0958 copy
He even can handle reverse- look at him checking his path.
DSC_0968 copy
And what he does, she must do. Notice he hung around, ready to take over as soon as she was done. It wasn't very long, she wasn't a big fan of driving.
DSC_0989 copy
She'd rather sit and play on it while it was parked.
DSC_1005 copy
Well, then Grandpa was asked to get out the big tractor, and Ian drove it around as well.
DSC_1013 copy
Annaliese got to drive, too- and it was even her first time on the big tractor. She enjoyed driving this much more than the lawn tractor. Girl knows red tractors are always better.
Another thing I love about back home- you don't have to go to a public park to have smores, or worry about disturbing neighbors with fireworks.
DSC_1022 copy
Ian and Grandma roasted marshmallows for us to share.
DSC_1025 copy
Another first, or at least I couldn't find previous photographic evidence, of her first s'more. She took a few bites, and then gave it to me to finish. She did eat one later, with Grandma holding it.
DSC_1029 copy
Chilling around the fire...
DSC_1031 copy
Ian did join in sparklers Friday night. He hated it on Thursday night because the sparks might fall on him- so we saw a friend post the solo cup idea, and then he was finally able to play.
DSC_0008 copy
He also caught a firefly, several actually. One was willing to climb up his arm while he ate another s'more.
DSC_0016 copy
A little bit of our own fireworks in the country to conclude the evening.
DSC_0026 copy

DSC_0033 copy

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Moneik said...

Sounds like a great weekend with your family. I love going back out to the country too. It's just so relaxing and fun sharing those unique experiences with your children.