Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Layout | First Worst

I'm now designing layouts for the scrapbooking challenge site called "Child's Play Challenges".  Essentially, there is a picture posted of something from our childhood to use as inspiration.  This week's challenge is a doctor's kit.  Just hearing the word 'doctor' immediately made me think of the pictures I've had printed forever of Annaliese getting tubes on her first birthday, so while at Camp Wanna, I finally got them down on a layout.

We even brought some doctor kit supplies along with us to the hospital for her to play with while we were waiting. She was a champ through the whole thing. I remember seeing her wheeled in when it was all over, looking so tiny in the hospital bed.  The staff at Children's was fantastic. As we walked out, one of the nurses brought a Happy Birthday balloon down for her from the gift shop.  She ended up sleeping most of her first birthday.

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Laurie said...

Fantastic LO Colleen! I love how you scrapped her "worst first" birthday. My oldest son had tubes in his ears twice. What a difference they make, particularly when the child is young--it really helps their speech.