Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

We enjoyed lots of family time last weekend.  We spent Sunday at the Children's Museum, grabbed some ice cream, and then joined Walter and his family for a movie night.
Annaliese rode in her new car seat for the first time. She's getting so big!
She loves to shop!
Checking out the beetles fighting at A Bug's World
We saw a science demonstration, and they ended it by making it snow indoors.
Yum, yum. From the left: Ian's strawberry kiwi frozen yogurt, Darrin's quit your job and eat chocolate, plus regular chocolate, my triple berry pie and red velvet, and Annaliese's cotton candy.
Watching Peter Pan. It was nice and dark by the end. Lots of fun listening to the kids giggle together.
 On Monday, the temps were beautiful, upper 70s and little humidity.  We headed out to explore a state park. We choose Platte River because it's one we haven't visited yet.
After a picnic lunch, we headed up the 85 foot tower to see the view.
The Platte River from the top of the tower. It is one of the widest I've ever crossed. It's also one of the shallowest. That's all sand.  I remember distinctly playing Oregon Trail back in elementary school and having to cross the Platte River. I don't think it would have been too hard. Where we actually crossed it, there were lots of people hanging out on the sand bars and playing in the river.
After the tower, we hiked the trails. They seemed to follow the creeks.  We actually got lost several times, as the trails aren't labeled, there are lots of side trails people have created, and the map doesn't have them all identified. Darrin pulled out the compass app on his phone at one point to make sure we were actually headed in the right direction.
The falls- what we were actually intending to find while walking. Just took the long way to get there.
My little explorer. He would have played in the water if we'd have let him.
Couldn't convince the kids to stand by him. Love him for posing for me, though.
By far, Ian's favorite part of the park was the outdoor education center.  He was able to do archery for a half hour, and it only cost us $3.  He did comment that he wished they had a quiver (he didn't use that exact term) to wear on his back, and then proceeded to demonstrate with sound effects how he would do it if he did.
Annaliese got in on the action, too, and shot about eight arrows. We intended to have them trade off and on each set of arrows, but she was done after her first cycle. She was so cute while doing it. Darrin would count, "One, two, three, go!" and she would shut her eyes when he said, "Go!" and let the arrow fly.
Ian wasn't sad she didn't want any more turns. He had so much fun!
And I had lots of fun playing with different photo angles and composition.
I think we'll for sure be going back again.  Ian wants to try some of the other things they have at the outdoor education center as well (I think we'll pass on the tomahawk throw).  They also have paddle boating, catch and release fishing for kids under 15, arts and crafts, and a pool.  Plus, teepees and cabins you can stay in (no camping, though).  The fun weekend made it very hard to go to work on Tuesday.

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