Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Layout | My Little Food Fanatic

This week at Child's Play Challenges it's a game inspiration- Sorry!  We didn't own this game when I was a kid, nor do we now, but I remember loving to play it when I went to a friend's house, and I hope we eventually add it to our family collection. 

I used the gameboard as inspiration for a layout about Ian's love of food. The pictures were snapped July-September 2009. My favorite picture is the one of him standing in front of the pantry- he had asked for a snack, I said no, and for the first time, he opened the pantry himself and grabbed a box of cereal.  It was so adorable and shocking I couldn't be mad :) 

I used a light green background that reminded me of background on the game board.  The yellow squares are reminiscent of those that lead to the home space.  And the arrows are all around the game board, showing which direction to go. 

Head on over to CPC and check out the other layouts, and share your own layout inspired by Sorry!


Moneik said...

Great layout and memories to remember.

Moneik said...
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