Sunday, January 26, 2014

Layout | This Is DEFINITELY the Sweet Spot

It's been awhile since I've created a layout other than for Child's Play Challenges, but all it took was the words "6-word memoir" in the testimony section for Case File 106 at CSI (color, stories, inspiration) and a look at the color scheme to know I'd be playing along this week. 

A bit of a back story. This summer I took Ali Edwards' class "Hello Story" through Big Picture Classes.  One of our story types was the 6-word memoir, which is essentially capturing a thought in six words.  At the same time, I read this blog post about being in the sweet spot as a family.  The author of the post put perfectly into words what I was thinking and feeling, so I made myself a note to do a layout on it and moved on with life.  That was in July, 2013.

Fast-forward to January, 2013, and the challenge at CSI.  It was a sign and I knew I would be solving this case.  
Picking the picture for this layout was really easy. I loved the play on the word "sweet" this picture allowed for with the kids' faces covered in ice cream (well, technically frozen yogurt). 

I spent most of my time hand stitching the 5 circles on the background, which you can barely see.  I was inspired by this layout, but it was just a jumping off point for what I created. 

My silhouette cameo got a workout for this layout.  I cut the word "definitely" out five times and glued the layers together to make it thicker and stand off the page more.   I cracked into the stamp kit my friend Adele gave me and cut my first stamp out on the cameo, the arrows. For the journaling, I used the sketch pens to write it all out, then had it cut around them for me. Super easy! 

Evidence for the case file includes:
- ombre. The background paper goes from light to dark.
- circles. All the stitched ones, even if you can't really see them.
- arrows. My homemade stamped arrows. 
- gold.  The stamped arrows are heat embossed with gold powder and I splattered a bit of gold paint on the background, but it doesn't show very well in the light.

Testimony: 6-word memoir- "This is Definitely the Sweet Spot"

Journaling: "While we love getting sweets from TCBY, the sweet spot I'm referring to is the time right now in our lives, when you are six and three years old. A time when you're not little any more, but not big, either. Daddy and I no longer take care of your every need. You can do so many things on your own now (laundry, get dressed, make some food, go to the bathroom) but you still love to snuggle in our laps, give us hugs and kisses, and hold our hands while we walk. You are both eager to help when we ask for something, and will easily ask for help from us when you need it. You are old enough for us to share some of our interests with (football, scrapbooking,superheroes, chapter books) but not so old that you're embarrassed by us. Watching you both play, either together or by yourself, is one of my favorite things to do. You have amazing imaginations. You are both happy, healthy, and full of life. I don't know how long this sweet spot in our life will last, but I'm enjoying every precious minute of it, and look forward with anticipation, and a bit of dread, to the next chapter in our family story."


Shanon said...

Your layout is beautiful! Great job!

Moneik said...

Amazing! Such a great story.

csewy-csescrap13 said...

So cute! Your area doing some amazing things with your the stamp arrows, the layered title, and the hand stitching is awesome. I can't imagine stitching by hand, but a neat look! Also, love the journaling with the sketch pens! Hope to use my new Cameo soon, it is still in the box! Adorable photo, too!