Monday, February 10, 2014

2014 Week Four | January 20-26

Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day,  so it was a short work week.

He is not a fan of the dentist... or at least he wasn't until he found out he has three loose teeth. Then he was super excited and loved the dentist.

She is not a fan of the x-rays, but loves watching the TV on the wall.  Both of them were cavity free!

This is what he asks to do every day after school, after he's had a snack and done his homework.  Current obsession- Lego Marvel Super Heroes

And when he asks for XBOX, she asks for Netflix.  We recently subscribed after Blockbuster went out of business. Not impressed by the movies available for free streaming, but there are TONS of TV shows, especially for the kids.

This actual story is included in the album, but I snapped a picture of it to share here. A piece of Ian's homework- writing a story about something that happened over winter break. 

Ian reading his library book about bees  to me while I was making dinner. He has been bringing home lots of non-fiction books lately, especially about animals.

Darrin and I did a bit of shopping and got ourselves new shoes for the gym. Look at the size difference. Me = 7, Darrin = 14.

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Jennifer said...

Agree with you about the Netflix streaming movies; our kids mostly watch tv shows - they are on the Magic School Bus series now. Funny about Ian bringing home nonfiction about animals - Jack does the same thing!