Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2014 Week Six | February 3-9

SNOW DAY! Yep, that much gave us a snow day on Wednesday. Our first snow of more than 1.5 inches this year. I think we got out of school more because of the wind that was howling all night long, blowing the snow around. 

Ian has been opting not to read with us at night, but instead read some of Darrin's old comic books. And in the morning before school. And whatever chance he's had. He's gone through all of them in one week.

Annaliese has started "reading" the books back to us after we read them to her. Sometimes it closely follows the story. Other time, she just makes it up. If we're lucky, she'll sing it. (There on the floor because she had an accident the night before. We keep the mattress from the crib under her bed and pull it out for her to sleep on when needed).

Getting ready in the morning, I walked out of the bathroom to find them putting Legos together in Annaliese's room.  Love when they play together, especially when she gets to decide the activity (bossy first born often makes the decisions...).
Ian's practice at decorating his TMNT cupcake. I figured if he could do it, his friends could  do it for his party.

Ian's 7th Birthday Party was Saturday (post to come later).  It was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed, so of course we had to have pizza.

And that night we went out for dinner at Red Robin, where they sang Ian Happy Birthday and he got the biggest ice cream sundae I'd ever seen.
Don't we all wear our high heels, dress, superhero cape, and bling glasses when we go shopping.

Our Sunday night dinner (minus baked beans for me).  The bacon wrapped steak was on sale at Target, so my plan for dinner tonight was thrown out the window in favor of that and honey lime garlic shrimp. It was quite the meal, and soooo easy to do! A bit of summer, all done in our kitchen on a below-freezing night.


Moneik said...

Looks like a fun week. I love seeing Darrin reading to the kids. Paul does the same thing.

Cara said...

I totally understand the bossy first born. ;) I blame you for me being so indecisive. Love you! Party looked like fun.

Jennifer said...

Our kids love red robin for birthdays too. Totally agree with you on the Lego picture, our house runs about the same way!