Saturday, February 22, 2014

A TMNT Birthday

This Saturday, we get a chance to breathe.  The past two Saturdays have been filled with birthday festivities.  Two weeks ago Ian celebrated his 7th birthday with three of his friends. It's the first time we've had a birthday party with friends, and we didn't want to go crazy and invite everyone, so he invited five friends, and three were able to come. 

Gift bags for the boys filled with a TMNT puzzle, play pack, and the cup they used for lunch.

The nun-chuck training hallway.

I made three of these green paper lantern turtles.  I put one in Ian's room, which he was super stoked about.

The turtles love pizza, and I made use of the felt one from the kids' play kitchen.  Ian made the sign for it the day we wrote out the invitations. He was so excited for friends to come over.

Waiting for people to arrive.

The menu was easy since the turtles love pizza. We had a fruit salad the color of the turtles, too (red-strawberries, blue-blueberries, purple-grapes, orange-clementines). One of Ian's friends is the son of a co-worker, and his sister came along to hang out with Annaliese. 

It snowed on Wednesday of that week, the one time we've had snow stay on the ground more than one day and everyone went sledding in the backyard. I'm so mad that I forgot to check the camera settings. All the photos are really washed out, so black and white is as good as I could get.  It was the first time one of the boys had ever been sledding, so I was really glad they were able to go. 

After present opening, they headed up to Ian's room to put together the Lego kit he got and play with the other Legos he has.

Nun-chuck battle.

One of the boys had to leave for a basketball game.  Those that stayed decorated their own throwing stars. I didn't get a great picture of the pot they threw it into, but you can catch a glimpse of Shredder's face on the pot.   

Ready. Aim. Fire!

After that, we did a quick science experiment to make our own mutagen. 

Doing some nun-chuck training in the hall. 

In the end, I think fun was had by all.  It wasn't without ups and downs...  At one point, Ian accidentally got pushed into the railing on the stairs and he responded with some tears. He calmed down in his room (after I had to send him there to do so).  Darrin and I also learned we need to invite friends over more often, as he was a bit bossy with them and his toys- he's not used to having to share them with anyone with Annaliese, so he's got some learning to do about how to treat and defer to friends when they visit. 

There were moments when they got along beautifully, though, and at some points during the party, they just wanted to play in Ian's room and Darrin and I were able to sit and watch the Olympics.  When I asked him what he thought, he said it was AWESOME birthday. Couldn't ask for anything better than that!

Decorations and mutagen
shredder throwing star

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Moneik said...

We're working on the sharing aspect with Mikaela too. She's just not used to having others around her stuff.