Sunday, February 23, 2014

Disney's FROZEN Birthday Party

Two weeks ago was Ian's TMNT party with friends. This past weekend was Annaliese's Frozen party. Our families came to celebrate, and while the party was Annaliese's chosen theme, it was as much for Ian, too, since the family didn't get to celebrate with him at his party. 

The kids were running around and having a great time, but I tried to have some Frozen activities planned.  Though it doesn't look like it, there was more than one little kid painting.  They're painting with equal parts epsom salt and hot water.  When it dries, it looks like ice crystals on the paper. 

There was some "Pin the Nose on Olaf" action.  Darrin drew Olaf for us.  Annaliese was first to go and missed it by a bit...

Though she did better than Ian, who ended up walking around the entire kitchen before he found Olaf (he used his hand to feel for the paper, and when he couldn't find it, would try to figure out where he was in the kitchen and where he needed to go.)

Ian was excited about his two chapter books, but Annaliese was SUPER excited about her Frozen Golden Book. 

But then her expression got even better when she opened her Else costume, which she immediately had to wear.

This is about as much expression as Ian gave, even though he was totally stoked by most of his presents. He made off like a bandit when it came to TMNT toys. He added Spliter, the sub, a book, and another Lego set to his collection.

Great Billie is known for giving the kids lots of clothes, which makes me very happy.  This picture shows clearly how the kids feel about the clothes, too; Annaliese was in love and Ian opened it just to toss it aside. 

The kids had lots of fun with their homemade blue playdoh, which they got to take home. I had some glitter in it as well. 

Playing with her new InnoTab game decked out in her Elsa costume and new headband.

Testing out his spy gear. 

Cousin (yes, Walter, we consider you one, too) fun on the bed.

The theme for food was white and blue. We had fresh fruit with "Snow Dip" (cream cheese dip). 

Deconstructed Olaf. Rolls for his body, carrots for his nose, pretzels for his arms, and chocolate covered raisins for his buttons. 

Melted snow and blue punch to drink. We also had chili and wild rice soup to eat.

Singing Happy Birthday.  Ian was smiling silly, so we were telling him not to smile in the hopes of getting an authentic smile. Instead, we got this. 

Blowing out four candles takes a much bigger breath than one candle.

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