Monday, May 5, 2014

2014 Week 10 | March 3 - March 9

Let's celebrate Cinco de Mayo by taking a look back at what happened during the week that contained Cinco de Marzo.

After nearly a year's hiatus, the kids started back to swimming lessons on Saturday. It wasn't without some screaming, tears, and arms holding out to us from Annaliese, but once we went behind the observation wall, she was all smiles and loving every minute.
We grabbed dinner at my favorite restaurant in town, Lazlo's.  The kids always get ice cream with chocolate shell topping there for dessert, and Annaliese was sharing every other bite with Darrin or me.  She is like that with her desserts, always willing to share with us. Love her!

This weekend we broke out the short sleeves for the first time. Annaliese was super excited to wear this new outfit and give Baby Belle a ride on her bike.

They both brought their "babies" outside to play.

While Ian got some pointers on using a drill, Annaliese took Baby Belle for a ride in the stroller, and then asked me to snap a picture of them. 

Wednesday night Seekers started back up again, and with that, Ian had his first bell rehearsal. He's the youngest player. I'm helping out, and I never fully appreciated how hard this players and teachers have worked as I sat in the pews in years past.  Most of the students, much like Ian, have no idea how to read sheet music.  It is a lesson in patience!   On the photo on the right, the weather warmed up for the weekend, but even during the week when it was cooler, they were out enjoying the sunshine with their babies.  Ian is trying to stick Racky up in the tree...

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