Monday, June 30, 2014

2014 Week Twenty - Five | June 16 - June 22

This week we spent a lot of time together with friends, but first we had to make it back home. Monday we ended our visit to our parents and headed back home, but not before a bit of play time. The kids love playing with my Little People sets, and Annaliese convinced Darrin to play with the park and pool this morning. 
We stopped for lunch at Arby's, where Ian got his first grown up meal deal and not a kids meal. He ate his regular roast beef and fries all gone.  He needs to stop growing or I have no idea how I'm going to feed him during his teen years. 

On Tuesday we had the inspection at our new house.  The day after they accepted our offer, they received baseball-sized hail.  Everyone had been asking what it looked like, but we were too scared to go see. This is just a small portion of the damage. Luckily, these were the only three windows damaged. 

We had been told the pool was beyond repair, so were very surprised when we showed up and it was filled and functioning just fine. The kids were super excited, because we had told them that we would no longer have a pool, and now we will. 

On Wednesday, we met Walter and Henry at the library to see some of our absolute favorite book characters- Piggie and Elephant (Gerald).  Mo Willems is one of my favorite authors, and if you've never read any of his books, you're really missing out. They're super entertaining to read as an adult, too, so it doesn't get boring having to read them over and over to the kids like some other books do. You should really check them out!

After the library, we headed to get groceries, but Annaliese was throwing such a fit, we never made it through the second set of doors into the building. We got home, she got sent to her room, and she quickly fell asleep for 2 hours.  I woke her up at 5 so she'd at least go to sleep at a decent time that night, carrying her downstairs and standing her on the floor in the living room. I started to make supper and noticed it was really quiet. I walked around the corner, and found her, sound asleep, on the steps.  Apparently she REALLY needed that nap. And of course, when we went to bed at 10:30, she was wide awake in bed.

We always check out lots of books when we got to the library (at least 15 it seems like) and I found Ian reading one of his to Annaliese on the steps on Thursday.

The library branch closest to us does an Around the Town story time every Friday. This Friday was an ice-themed one and took place at one of the ice rinks in the area.  For attending the story time, we got to go skating for free. They had little walkers the kids could take out on the ice. Annaliese was able to push hers while skating, but was still falling more than she wanted and would whine every time she fell.  Ian had trouble keeping his skates under him; his ankles were at weird angles and his legs were spread really wide. We tried smaller skates in the thought they weren't tight enough to support him, but he still had trouble, and he couldn't get the walkers to go. For most of the time, he hung out near the wall. It wasn't til I had had enough of their complaining and I said we could go that they both started doing really well on their own.  Figures.  I think we'll head back again sometime when Darrin's along, as it was hard to help them both on my own.

Saturday was a busy day for us. Ian was invited to a friend's birthday party at a spray ground. Turns out there were like 12 girls there for the party and he was the only boy, so instead of hanging out with the girls, he made some new friends and did his own thing at the spray ground.

Ian's in the blue shirt dead center.
We stayed for the party and brought Annaliese along as well. Though unlike Ian, who preferred the spray ground, she preferred the regular playground it was next to, or more specifically, the large puddle of water and sand at the playground. 

She had to clean herself off in the spray ground, and then she confiscated her towel I was chilling on in the shade, along with my sunglasses, to rest by her daddy. Adorable!

After a quick run home for showers, we dropped the kids off at Walter and Henry's for a sleepover. Marlena so graciously provided me pictures, knowing I'd want to scrap what they were busy doing while they were there.  They made pizza, Ian read Walter lots of books, and then they watched the movie, "Up".

While the kids were there, Darrin and I went to 7M Grill to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary. I had coconut chicken and grilled bananas with a really spicy sauce on top and Darrin had a steak with potatoes and mushrooms.  It was really yummy. After dinner, we grabbed some dessert from Cheesecake Factory. And the next morning, loved not having to wake up early!

On Sunday, we returned the babysitting favor, watching the boys for a few hours.  It's been awhile since Darrin and I had responsibility of a 15 month old. Our house is definitely not baby proof anymore, so we had to spend most of our time within arm's reach of Henry. It was exhausting! Even though, it was fun to have them over for a few hours and the kids definitely had fun together. 


Monday, June 23, 2014

2014 Week Twenty-Four | June 9 - June 15

This was a FUN week of break.

On Wednesday, the weather was gorgeous, so we headed to a park to play.  There was a little 3-year-old boy there, and Ian included him just like another little sibling, while Annaliese basically did her own thing. They both had lots of fun. 
Love the look of joy on her face with her butterfly wings blowing in the air  behind her.
Climbing what they call "The Hot Dog Ladder" (the blue links look like hot dogs)

After the park, we were surprised to pull into our driveway and be greeted by this wonderful sign!
Weight off our shoulders for sure!
And then on Friday, on our way to visiting our parents, we swung by our future house, and it had a very similar sign in front of it!
Yep, all that is ours, in the city limits. So excited!
Between those days, we attended a library story time at Scheel's, and were rewarded with a free ride on the Ferris Wheel. It was the first time Annaliese and I had been on one.  I'm terrified of heights, but stuck it out for their sake.  Ian was tall enough to go on his own, but I told him us newbies needed an experienced rider to go with us.
It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be!
There have also been MANY nights like this, when after we leave his room for the night, he turns his lamp on and reads, sometimes for at least an hour. It always makes me smile, because I did the same thing when I was little.
The book he has read SEVERAL times is "Usborne Illustrated Stories for Boys". 

And if you look at the pictures of Annaliese,she's got butterfly wings on in all of them. That wasn't a fluke, that cape was on every day of the week, all day long, no matter where we went.  The park, Scheel's, or in the picture below, Target and home. Love her spunk (and the fact the cape was mine when I was little. Thanks Mom and Dad for keeping stuff like that!)
And then Friday we drove home to see our parents and the kids met their new cousin Emery for the first time.

And it's not a trip back to Grandma and Grandpa's without a bit of lawn mower driving. We kept teasing Ian he needed to practice because it will be his job to mow the lawn at the new house. This time Grandpa hooked the wagon up in back so Annaliese and Lacey could ride along.  If only the mower was the same color as the wagon...

On Sunday, we spent Father's Day with my dad's side of the family. My aunt and uncle run a dairy farm not far from my parents and they hosted the event. I'm pretty sure it was the first time Annaliese had been that close to cows before, and she was a bit timid, but so was Ian, who has been there at least once before (but that was probably a few years ago and he may have forgotten...).  It's amazing how far farming has come from when I was a kid and helped milk during the summers. They have 6 robots that now do it- no more squatting down and possibly getting kicked. More than that, there are computers that drop the feed and clean the alleyways, and they have a system that presses all the liquid out of the manure, removing the smell, and that becomes the bedding the cows lay on.  I just marveled at the whole operation.

Love trips back home!

2014 Week Twenty-Three | June 2 - June 8

The first week of summer vacation. I only had pictures of a few events, which I think is proof we were pretty lazy this week, enjoying the first week of break. I read four books this week, almost more than I read the entire school year. I also wanted to test the camera on my phone, so I put away the big camera for this week and shot everything with my phone. 

By Thursday, we had had enough with being at home, so we headed to the Children's Museum.  The special exhibit currently is dinosaurs.  Annaliese was able to climb up into a cage-like thing to get a closer view of this T-Rex.  And the ball room is always a hit.  They community section of the museum was different, with the fire truck no longer present, and in its place, a hospital and bank.  Ian was there, too, but apparently I didn't get any pictures of him.

Friday we celebrated National Donut Day at Pettit's Pastry.  I love donuts and this was a new place for us. Still not as good as Pedretti's. 

It was a warm afternoon, so the kids ran through the sprinklers for the first time

Sunday after church we headed to "Sand in the City". They deposit lots of sand in the parking lot around the Century Link Center and companies make sculptures. There was also large piles of sand the kids could play in (it had rained earlier in the day and was cool, so the kids opted to avoid those) and Fat Brain Toys was there with bikes, rockets, and other fun things for the kids to explore. 

After all that fun, I caught these two and had to snap a picture. Melted my heart.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Layout | You Love Your Blank-Blanks

A new challenge is up at Child's Play Challenges, and this time it uses tie dye as inspiration. I have great memories of dyeing things as a kid, but I don't have access to the pictures right now. So I used the dyeing technique on coffee filters to make my own flowers on this layout.

Annaliese has always loved her blank-blanks (blankets).  When she was in a crib, she'd ALWAYS sleep with them over her head, and the rest of her body sticky out. When she moved into a big bed, it all flipped, and the only thing she has sticking out is her head. 

Patterned paper, brads, tags: My Minds Eye
Wood veneer: Basic Grey
Alphas: American Crafts

Saturday, June 7, 2014

2014 Weeky Twenty-Two | May 26 - June 1

I took a jump from where I left off in the weekly summaries to jump to the most recent week, so that I can write it while it's fresh in my mind... granted tomorrow another week will wrap up, so this is barely the most recent week.

Monday, the 26th, was Memorial Day, so we spent the morning at the zoo.  It was packed, and it was actually Ian who spoke up and asked to leave with all the people there.  We did visit the jungle, aquarium, and kingdom of the night before we left. 
Checking out the penguin from the bubble window.
Looking at a specifies of tamarin in the jungle. 
A tortoise grabbing a morning snack.  This was one of the few times the hippos were actually doing something other than snuggled in a corner not moving.

Back at home after the zoo, I caught this sweet moment between father and daughter.  Then we got a call someone wanted to see our house that night (it's on the market), so we headed to the park. Ian snapped this picture of Annaliese. 

During the week, there wasn't much that happened.  The school year was over, but I still had to work Tuesday and Wednesday, so the kids went to day care all week while I finished up there and had the house to myself on Thursday and Friday.   Accomplished a lot of video game playing :)  Friday Darrin and I did get new phones. We were at Verizon for over two hours getting it all taken care of.  It's going to be hard to grab the big camera now with the quality of camera on my phone. 

Picture of Annaliese taking during the week. I'm always amazed she doesn't fall out of bed more often, because she sleeps RIGHT on the edge every night. 
With the upcoming move, Thursday was Ian's last night of jujitsu.  

Saturday we headed to the library for the summer reading kickoff, followed by playing at the spray ground. It was only fitting that we headed to DQ after that for a summer treat. 
Coloring pictures at the library kickoff

Running from the water.

Dilly bars we couldn't eat fast enough before they melted everywhere!

Showing off her mustache prize from the library event.

Showing off his mustache prize from the library kickoff.
Earning those minutes of reading for the summer library program. It's nice when he reads to her, because that time counts double :)

Sunday was another beautiful day, so we did what I love to do on Sundays in the summer, packed a picnic lunch and headed out. This day we opted to go to Platte River State Park.
One of our favorite parts of the park- the outdoor education center. Where you can shoot an bow an arrow for a  half hour for only $3. Annaliese did really well on her own, but only used 20 minutes of time...

so I took the last 10 minutes of her time. Took me back to my Girl Scout camp days.  Ian had a blast, too. 

Then we moved on to pellet gun shooting towards a paper target. The target is on an 8.5x10 piece of paper, which are definitely ending up in the scrapbook.

Trail walking. Annaliese had on sandals that were great for walking in the creek. Ian posing in the teepee near one of the trails.
He didn't have water shoes on, but it was shallow enough he could jump from rock to rock and check out the creek.