Monday, June 23, 2014

2014 Week Twenty-Three | June 2 - June 8

The first week of summer vacation. I only had pictures of a few events, which I think is proof we were pretty lazy this week, enjoying the first week of break. I read four books this week, almost more than I read the entire school year. I also wanted to test the camera on my phone, so I put away the big camera for this week and shot everything with my phone. 

By Thursday, we had had enough with being at home, so we headed to the Children's Museum.  The special exhibit currently is dinosaurs.  Annaliese was able to climb up into a cage-like thing to get a closer view of this T-Rex.  And the ball room is always a hit.  They community section of the museum was different, with the fire truck no longer present, and in its place, a hospital and bank.  Ian was there, too, but apparently I didn't get any pictures of him.

Friday we celebrated National Donut Day at Pettit's Pastry.  I love donuts and this was a new place for us. Still not as good as Pedretti's. 

It was a warm afternoon, so the kids ran through the sprinklers for the first time

Sunday after church we headed to "Sand in the City". They deposit lots of sand in the parking lot around the Century Link Center and companies make sculptures. There was also large piles of sand the kids could play in (it had rained earlier in the day and was cool, so the kids opted to avoid those) and Fat Brain Toys was there with bikes, rockets, and other fun things for the kids to explore. 

After all that fun, I caught these two and had to snap a picture. Melted my heart.

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