Saturday, June 7, 2014

2014 Weeky Twenty-Two | May 26 - June 1

I took a jump from where I left off in the weekly summaries to jump to the most recent week, so that I can write it while it's fresh in my mind... granted tomorrow another week will wrap up, so this is barely the most recent week.

Monday, the 26th, was Memorial Day, so we spent the morning at the zoo.  It was packed, and it was actually Ian who spoke up and asked to leave with all the people there.  We did visit the jungle, aquarium, and kingdom of the night before we left. 
Checking out the penguin from the bubble window.
Looking at a specifies of tamarin in the jungle. 
A tortoise grabbing a morning snack.  This was one of the few times the hippos were actually doing something other than snuggled in a corner not moving.

Back at home after the zoo, I caught this sweet moment between father and daughter.  Then we got a call someone wanted to see our house that night (it's on the market), so we headed to the park. Ian snapped this picture of Annaliese. 

During the week, there wasn't much that happened.  The school year was over, but I still had to work Tuesday and Wednesday, so the kids went to day care all week while I finished up there and had the house to myself on Thursday and Friday.   Accomplished a lot of video game playing :)  Friday Darrin and I did get new phones. We were at Verizon for over two hours getting it all taken care of.  It's going to be hard to grab the big camera now with the quality of camera on my phone. 

Picture of Annaliese taking during the week. I'm always amazed she doesn't fall out of bed more often, because she sleeps RIGHT on the edge every night. 
With the upcoming move, Thursday was Ian's last night of jujitsu.  

Saturday we headed to the library for the summer reading kickoff, followed by playing at the spray ground. It was only fitting that we headed to DQ after that for a summer treat. 
Coloring pictures at the library kickoff

Running from the water.

Dilly bars we couldn't eat fast enough before they melted everywhere!

Showing off her mustache prize from the library event.

Showing off his mustache prize from the library kickoff.
Earning those minutes of reading for the summer library program. It's nice when he reads to her, because that time counts double :)

Sunday was another beautiful day, so we did what I love to do on Sundays in the summer, packed a picnic lunch and headed out. This day we opted to go to Platte River State Park.
One of our favorite parts of the park- the outdoor education center. Where you can shoot an bow an arrow for a  half hour for only $3. Annaliese did really well on her own, but only used 20 minutes of time...

so I took the last 10 minutes of her time. Took me back to my Girl Scout camp days.  Ian had a blast, too. 

Then we moved on to pellet gun shooting towards a paper target. The target is on an 8.5x10 piece of paper, which are definitely ending up in the scrapbook.

Trail walking. Annaliese had on sandals that were great for walking in the creek. Ian posing in the teepee near one of the trails.
He didn't have water shoes on, but it was shallow enough he could jump from rock to rock and check out the creek.

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