Thursday, September 4, 2014

2014 Week Thirty-Four | August 18 - 24

The second week of school.  Work was really overwhelming that week, and it was nice to take time on the weekend to just enjoy ourselves.  Most of the pictures are of the weekend, because the weeks consisted of going to work, getting home and making dinner, doing bedtime, then doing more work to get ready for work.  
It's not exactly clear which house is ours from the road, so I put  my cameo to work and cut our house number out of vinyl and finally one of the projects I wanted to do for the house was done. 

Annaliese has been practicing swimming without her life jacket lately, and has really gotten quite good at it.   She loves to swim from the ladder to one of us, and then back again.  She can make it in one breath, too. 

Choosing paint colors for a project.  Ended up letting Annaliese pick. She went with one of the purples, of course. 

Love moments like these.  

I didn't think this dish would go over well with the family, with the zucchini and  tomato chunks, but surprisingly, everyone loved it. 

This girl is all about school stuff and learning.  She's going to be so ready for kindergarten next year.  Her favorite thing to do right now is interview Darrin and I. "Mom, what does love mean to you?" is just one of the many questions she's asked. And then she proceeds to write letters down on paper to document it.  She will also ask how to spell particular words so she can get it correct.   When she's not writing letters, she's coloring or drawing.  Ian is our reader, she is our writer.  

On Saturday, Ian went to a birthday party for his best friend from first grade.  It was the first time he'd seen him since we moved.  They loved the mobile gaming experience for the party, playing Minecraft and Lego Indiana Jones.  Annaliese wanted to go grocery shopping with me, so we grabbed lunch at HyVee before shopping. She was in heaven with her plate full of fruit and pudding.   

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