Sunday, October 19, 2014

2014 Week Forty-Two | October 13-19

Try not to faint, but today is actually October 19, and I'm posting the same day as the actual week. It's pretty amazing.  I'm no where near caught up in my physical album, but this week is scrapped, so it gives the feeling that I'm caught up...

It was easy to pull together this week as I took a ton of pictures this weekend with my family in town. Annaliese helped out a bit in the picture taking department, too.  I had the camera on the tripod from late last week when I was taking pictures of the moon rising at night.  Darrin showed her how to work the time delay and she would set the camera and frame the shot, the press the shutter release and run to get in front of the camera.  Unfortunately, I had it on manual focus from my moon shots, so some of hers were completely out of focus, but her composition of the pictures was awesome, and her adorableness showed through in every photo.

Family in towns means lots of..... drum roll...... family time.    Game playing. Book reading. Wrestling. Playing cars.  And secret agents.  And crying because the boys won't let you play with them.

We tried a new pumpkin patch while they were all here this weekend, Camp Fontanelle.  The kids had a blast, and the fact that it was half the price as the other patches around here made me pretty darn happy.  Both my kiddos said the jumping pillow was their favorite thing.  They spent most of their time jumping, between the pillow and the bounce castle.  It was a big enough place we needed maps, and since I did such a wonderful job when we were in the corn maze, someone else needed to take over.   I enjoyed watching the kids in the petting zoo; seeing Ian's reaction to feeding the alpacas and goats was awesome. Annaliese loved to pet the bunnies, but was too scared to hold her hand out and feed the animals.

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Cara said...

We had a great time. Thanks for the hospitality! Oliver said on the way home that he wishes that his cousins lived closer and could go to school with him.