Monday, October 13, 2014

2014 Week Thirty-Seven and Thirty-Eight | September 8 - 21

As I was going back and working on pictures for September, I had a harsh realization when I only had three pictures for an entire week.  So it's getting combined with another one.  
First Sunday of Sunday School there were big balloons in the courtyard after church.  

The kids loved popping and chasing the big balloons. You could even blow back at them, creating smaller bubbles inside the bigger ones.  

We bought some new furniture for the new house and this has quickly been established as the best seat.  It's called a 1.5 chair, but it seems to hold two very well.  

One of the reasons I couldn't wait for a new house was to have the space to finally buy a piano.  So this picture makes me one very happy momma. She's played on it every day since getting it, and Ian has practically, too.  Now to figure out lessons.  

Annual fall apple picking trip. We tried a new orchard this year because it is close to our new town.  It was their annual apple festival, so the place was packed. Unfortunately, the quality of apples weren't as great as other orchards we've gone to in the past, because it's a lot more convenient to drive 15 minutes than over an hour for apples.  
Fun in the bounce houses at the orchard apple festival. 
She was in heaven at the apple orchard meeting Anna and Elsa. She's wearing shorts, imagine how hot the princess are!
Yep, even got me in a shot at the orchard.

She can pose like no other. She also wanted her toes painted, so she took it upon herself while I was working in the garage to paint her toenails.  She was so proud of herself, and I was happy she was able to do it by myself, because it's not something I enjoy doing.  

It's the last half of September, and it was warm enough for the kids to get in the pool . It probably should have been winterized already, but it's hard when we have warm weekends to cover it up.  

The best helpers a girl can get. I finished the cabinets to my craft table this week, and then we focused on the desk top, which is a hollow core door, topped with wood laminate flooring and trimmed to hold it in place, all purchased from Habitat from Humanity.  

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