Sunday, October 5, 2014

2014 Week Thirty-Six | September 1 - 7

Most of the pictures from this week are at my cousin's wedding on Friday night.  As I've been going back through September's pictures and realizing how few I've taken, I think I need to start taking pictures of the things I take for granted, like our dinners together as a family, the kids working on homework when we get home from school, and the other seemingly mundane, but oh-so-important stuff of the week.

Cousins impatiently waiting for dinner.  Thankfully there were rolls on the table they got to dig in to.  

My dancing queen. Couldn't keep her off the dance floor. She even managed to drag me out and get me to dance with her.  That video will end up in the scrapbook with these pictures (thanks to a QR code), but not here for all to see.  

Silly dancer.  And this was about the only shot I got of Ian that night. He wasn't on the dance floor much. More content to run around with the other boys, and hang out by the food. Did I mention they had ice cream sundaes along with cake- be still my heart (a page out of our wedding reception 10 years earlier).  

My two favorite shots of the night.  The picture on the left just makes me smile and makes my heart happy. That is my girl right there; all innocent and sweet.  And then the picture on the right of her snuggling with my dad; love watching the relationship my parents, and Darrin's parents, have with the kids.    
The day after, the boys playing a game of football in Great Billie's basement.  Ian is the youngest of the group in second, the oldest is in 6th, and the other two in the middle. Poor Annaliese had to just be an onlooker.  

Before we left for the wedding, we took the top off corner hutch and put up a new flat screen.  Needed to take the top off to get to where the cords go.  If I had to place a bet as to what Annaliese would be doing after school, I would say 80% of the time, she has a pad of paper and some type of writing utensil in her hand. She's either interviewing us ("Mom, what does love mean to you? What is your favorite color? Movie? Food?"), or she knows what she wants to write and she's asking us how to spell it, or she's just writing random letters. And usually there's always a picture to go with.  

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