Friday, January 16, 2015

2015 Week Two | January 5-11

We returned to school this week from winter break on Tuesday, only to have Wednesday off for a too-cold day.  The kids and I celebrated by having smoothies with breakfast- the perfect breakfast when it's negative twenty-something with windchill outside. 
Annaliese and I spent part of the cold day working on one of the activities in her Kiwi Crate. We made a winterscape luminary with some tissue paper, glue, stickers, and an LED candle.  
Our kitchen table is in a nook with windows on all sides so not the warmest place when the wind blows.  So picnic by the fireplace, inspired by picnic by the Christmas tree, was born.  

By the time the weekend had rolled around, then temps had gone up and the wind had died down. The kids took to playing on the steep hill in our backyard, climbing to the top...

and then slide back down.  
We stopped by HyVee after church on Sunday. So miss living more than five minutes from that store.  They were super helpful and my ankle only got run over once...
And of course we made sure to get home in time to watch the Packers fight off the Cowboys to play in the NFC Championship game next week.  

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