Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 Week Five | January 26 - February 1

This week started like any normal week, so not a lot of pictures during the week, but it ended with hanging out with friends, a pinewood derby, and lots and lots of snow!

This week's story will be told in reverse. Sunday we couldn't make it to church. There was too much snow  from overnight and the wind was terrible. Luckily it calmed down in the afternoon, barely, and we were able to get out and enjoy a bit of it.  The ground was bare before this fell, so we got a lot, and it drifted like crazy. 

It was a wet snow the clung to the trees.  It was so deep and drifted that sledding didn't work that great, but Annaliese found she could goo down on her but in the tall grass section pretty well. 

This would be my backyard. Love it!

Saturday morning, while the rain that would eventually turn to snow was falling, Ian had his first pinewood derby race.  He won third place for craftsmanship. Darrin cut the car shape out with a saw, and then Ian sanded and painted it. I cut some vinyl decals out with my silhouette. He picked the number 8 for his upcoming birthday. 
Luckily he won a trophy for craftsmanship, because it was definitely not breaking  records on the track. His is the silver car way behind the others... It was good  to go, though, because now we know what is allowed for next year.  
Annaliese entertained herself at the derby playing with her Frozen characters. 
We hung out with Marlena, Noah, and the boys Friday night. There was lot of Lego assembly before a dinner of Noah's chili and chicken and dumpling soup. 
After dinner, there was some climbing on Noah, along with sliding across the floor in the green thing.  
Annaliese and Walter curled up on my lap for a reading of Jan Brett's Trouble with Trolls. 
Thursday we had an impromptu trip to the big city and the doc's office.There was a confirmed case of measles at day care, and as Annaliese didn't have her second immunization shot, we had to go get it. While we were at it, we got all her kindergarten shots. She was NOT smiling while it was happening.  We distracted her from watching the nurse with watching Netflix on my phone, but nothing could distract her from actually feeling the shots.  There were some big tears and crying.  
It was very fun to eavesdrop on this conversation (a little hard not to when it's on speaker phone).  Ian got his first official phone call from a friend. They chatted about what they had spent their free time doing (video games and tablets) and what Ian wants for his upcoming  birthday party.  
Walked in to day care to pick Ian up and found him all by himself reading.  Apparently the Percy Jackson series was REALLY good because he asked to take the 5th, and last book in the series, to school so he could read it every spare minute he got.  

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