Sunday, February 1, 2015

2015 Week Four | January 19-25

Fourth week. Lots of sibling love this week.  They're putting on a "puppet" show under Ian's bed; Annaliese with her Baby Belle and Ian with his Karma.  
For one if Ian's cub scout badges, he had to help cook a meal outside. The weather on Monday was gorgeous, so we had burgers on the grill.  Ian used more of a high drop or even a toss to get them on the grill, but loved using the spatula to flip them.  

And then while eating his hard work, he bit in to his hamburger and lost his front tooth.  By the middle of the week, the other top tooth was very loose dangling by only one side right in the middle of his mouth. It may have brought about some redneck jokes...  He still had it in there by the end of the week, though.  

Saturday the weather was gorgeous. The kids went outside without any urging and played out there for hours.  They were collecting all the sticks in the yard and pretending to have a campfire when Darrin decided they might as well have one for real.  

Our neighbor Mary walked up to our house after work one night and said she had something for Annaliese. Turned out it was this dollhouse that an old neighbor had made and given her.  

 She was going to throw it out (her kids and grandkids being too old) but thought Annaliese would like it. Darrin put it together on Saturday and then they both had to play in it.  

Annaliese's Kiwi Crate for this month contained a chef's hat and apron, along with crayons to use for decorating them.  Well, the apron was decorated beautifully, but isn't of the best quality (I think I can sew on different trim to fix it), but we dug out Annaliese's apron and she helped us make every meal this week. I often ask her to help and she never takes me up on it, until now- all thanks to getting the chef stuff in the mail. 

This kid always reads like crazy, but spent MANY hours this weekend in this position reading his Percy Jackson books. He started book four Saturday morning, and finished it before bedtime on Sunday.  

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