Saturday, February 21, 2015

2015 Week Six | February 2 - 8

Starting to return to a bit of normal here after a crazy month of February.  Ian had friends over for his 8th birthday, we had family visit to celebrate both kids' birthdays, and Darrin, well, he broke his leg.  Not all that happened in the sixth week of the year, though.  Here's what did:

Ian had three friends over for his 8th birthday. It was Ninjago themed, though I think it ended up being more minecraft-esque. 

The game that got the most play (other than the Legos and XBOX) was throwing rubber ninja stars at a bullseye (a painted piece of craft foam). 

Me, playing with composition... 
Another game was using your ninja skills to get through the laser hall. 

He requested a ninjago face for his cake. I ended up making frosted brownie instead.  
This is what they were all doing when parents came to get the kids; either watching or playing Minecraft. 

I needed chopsticks for one of the games for his party, so we headed out for Chinese Thursday night. I am ashamed to admit this, but this was the first time they have had Chinese (though I was in college the first time I had it...).  They ordered peanut butter chicken.  Ian attempted to use the chopsticks with a two-hand technique.  He loved the chicken. Annaliese loved the crab rangoon.  I loved the fact we can all go out to eat Chinese now.  
Other than Ian's party with friends, the story of this week was snow.  This was our house on Monday.  It had snowed 8 inches the day before, though it's hard to know if that's exactly right because it had drifted so much.  

We ended up with a snow day on Monday, which was a sunny, but very cold day. I wandered around our yard taking pictures of the beautiful snow.  

I wish I had the skill to capture on camera how beautiful things are to my eye.  
Did I mention we had a second snow day on Wednesday that week for more snow...  Throughout the week, the kids tried sledding down our hill.  It was frustrating for them because they kept sinking in or had to work really hard to get it back up the hill. 
Ian did have luck on his first sled of the week, but that was about it.  You can see the start of his track in the bottom right of the picture, and he made an almost 90-degree turn as he went down the hill, ending up on the left side of this picture.  

So Monday we woke up to 8 inches of snow. Added  a few more Wednesday morning. And Sunday... this is how it looked Sunday. It was melted. Forget sledding.  
Instead, they were out playing football, riding bikes/scooters, and I sat outside and read a book in a sweatshirt.  
Sunday night, I had to play handbells at the memorial service for one of the founding members of our church. As I got out of  my car at the top of the hill, the clouds were a beautiful color from the setting sun.  

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Cara said...

Looked like a fun party. How is it that we never had Chinese growing up, probably that we didn't have a place around here, but we also love it now especially the crab rangoons!