Monday, February 2, 2015

Layout | Sibling Snuggles

I currently subscribe to Ali Edwards's Story Kits. January's kit was called firsts and I knew instantly I would use the pieces from it to tell the story of the first time I discovered the kids were sneaking in to each others rooms to snuggle at night. The only reason I discovered it was because on this night, Annaliese didn't return to her room but fell asleep in Ian's bed.  Of course, I didn't know she was there when I went up to her room to check on her.  That lead to me freaking out about where she was until I found her there with Ian.  

Journaling reads: The story begins with a noise. I got up from the living room couch to investigate.  Headed up the steps and glance in to Ian's room. He was out cold.  Next up was Annaliese. She usually sleeps right on the edge of hers, so I went in ready to scootch her over. Instead, she wasn't there.  Pat her bed and under her quilt. Nope, definitely not there. Call down to Darrin- he suggest she's hiding.  Start searching her room. open doors to her closet. Look behind her door. Run to the bathroom. Not behind the door. Not in the tub. nerves, nerves, nerves kicking in.  Yell to Darrin again. Try to rationalize the fact we were at the bottom of the stairs means she's somewhere and not kidnapped. Doesn't work. still freaked out.  Turn on the hall light and head in to Ian's room, hoping not to wake him, to see the best sight ever. Both sound asleep. inhale and exhale a sigh of relief then grab the camera. snap a few then carry Annaliese back to bed. Found out in the morning they've been snuggling every night for awhile.  1.14.15

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