Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ninjago Birthday Party

Ian turned EIGHT this month (how did THAT happen?!) and  he had a few friends over to celebrate. This year was all about Ninjago (though after presents, it was all about Minecraft).  Most of the ideas from the party came from here (or from a blog she links to).  I did have another game I totally forgot about- using chopsticks to carry marshmallows in a type of relay race.

Frosted brownie for his birthday cake. 

Some of Ian's Ninjago Legos and the take home boxes (fruit ninja fruit snacks,candy sushi, and a rubber throwing star). 

The game that was played over and over- throwing rubber ninja throwing stars (from here) at a bulls-eye. To make the bulls-eye, I bought a circle foam from Michael's, traced a bowl for the center circle, plate for the middle circle, and then painted it.  
You should see this bulls-eye now. It's more white than colored there are so many chunks out of it.  Totally worth it, though.  

In the story of Ninjago, the ninjas develop the power of spinjitzu.  Here the boys are playing with Ian's spinner set.

I'm a sucker for pin-the-_____ games (love watching how far astray they go).  Darrin drew the white ninja for us, I printed out some eyes, and they pinned away.  This will probably be the last year for this game, the kids were feeling for the eyes instead of just the paper to know how close they were for the correct placement. 

The kids used their ninja strength to break a balsa wood board.  

Using ninja skills to navigate a laser maze.  

It was the year for Minecraft Legos.  

Both sets were assembled by the time the party ended. 

Blowing out the candles on his brownie cake. 

Assembling, then eating, the candy sushi (rice krispie bar with a Swedish fish on top and wrapped in some fruit-by-the-foot). 

This is how they were when the party ended- either watching or playing Minecraft.  

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