Tuesday, March 17, 2015

2015 Week Eight | February 16 - 22

This week was all about Darrin. As much as he hates having attention on himself, it couldn't be avoided. Almost every picture had him in it for this week. As I was telling my friend about it, she pointed out to me, "Well, your life that week pretty much revolved around him that week."

Now we are almost a month removed from all of this, and I'm so thankful this week is behind us.  It felt like it was never going to end, and not knowing whether or not I would be at work the next day was stressful.  I ended up taking off Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Annaliese wrote this on the board in Darrin's room.  It was directly across from his bed so he couldn't miss it. 
The x-rays.  I am now married to a bionic man. 

The kids spent the night with Walter and Henry Sunday night and played all day with them on Monday.  Lots of for playing.

On Tuesday, I worked. I had just planned on grabbing some food to bring to the hospital with us, but Marlena offered to pick up some Chinese.  Never one to turn down Chinese food, I gladly accepted her offer. 

On Wednesday, at 3:00, we were finally out of the hospital and headed home.  

And at home, this was his landing spot. He didn't move from here much this week except to walk to the restroom and back.  

The kids were more than happy to snuggle up with him in the chair, watching TV or reading. 

We called her Nurse Annaliese. She was more than willing to fill his water, replace his ice packs, bring him his walker, and do anything else he might ask of her.  Such a big helper. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

2015 Week Seven | February 9-15

It has been a bit since I've posted.  Life got really busy for us at the end of week seven, and has stayed pretty busy until now.  When you get to the bottom of this post, you'll see why.  Aside from that, technology failed me and I had to get a new computer.  Adjusting to a new operating system and programs has been a slight learning curve. But hopefully this is the first of many posts to come in the near future, as I'm on spring break right now with big goals of getting caught up.

Forget Valentine's day. Around here, when it gets close to the 14th, we celebrate birthdays (Ian's birthday is in February and Annaliese's in March).  Family and friends came over on the 14th to celebrate, and thanks to Grandma Diane, we had cupcakes (my attempt at the cake I was planning was a fail... knew I should have gone with parchment paper). 
Before everyone traveling in from out of town got here, though, we headed to Red Robin, our traditional place to celebrate birthdays because they have the best birthday dessert.  Ian was willing to share his with his sister. 
Saturday was the day of the party. We went with a rainbow art theme for the party.  Starving artist sandwiches were the main thing, and I tell you what, I want to buy special bread, lots of meat, and have bacon for my everyday sandwiches I take to work. These tasted so much better. 
So I mentioned the cake snafu.  I made a tie-dye cake since it was a rainbow art themed party, but the cake didn't come out of the pan cleanly so I could create the tiers.  I turned the cake in to cake balls instead.  
Tie Dye cake does not look very neat when it's all crumbled together, and we ended up calling them carpet padding balls.

After lunch it was present time. Ian got Minecraft Legos and the book "Beanboy" from Marlena and Noah.   
Annaliese got a skirt and shirt that had to be changed into and twirled in immediately after opening. 
And a Barbie book which Noah was lucky enough to read her.  (No idea why she has that expression, but I'd love to know).
Ian got a skateboard from Grandma and Grandpa, so while I was setting up the art activities, he tried it out in our basement. 
Annaliese tried out her birthday roller skates from them as well down there.  
Then it was time to get creative. The kids painted with colored shaving cream, and also did shaving cream marble paintings.  We made our own star shaped crayons from the big fat crayons my kids don't use anymore, and also painted canvases to be hung. 
I wish I would have thought of a drying rack, but our floor worked just as well.  

After that, things wound down and people went home. We ate supper and the kids asked to go play with their presents in the basement again, so we all headed down.  Darrin and I, having never had skateboards when we were young, tried out Ian's.  The kids who ride them always make them look so easy, but they are definitely not.  Not sure how it happened, but Darrin fell while riding Ian's skateboard and broke his femur in three places.

Needless to say, things were about to get crazy Saturday night.  First time I've ever called 911 in my life. Hopefully the last time, too.  Luckily family was in town, so the kids were in good hands and able to stay home. 
They ended up taking him to the hospital in our small town, but all they could do for him there was give him pain meds.  Two hours after the fall, he was on his way to the big city, with me following in my car.  Around 1:00 am Sunday, we knew the plan was to have surgery at 8:00 am that day, which was a relief because both the nurse and surgeon seemed to think Monday was more of a possibility.

Apparently not a lot of surgeries are scheduled on Sundays. I was the only person in the waiting room for three out of the four hours I was there.  They have boards that show the status of where they are at in the surgery, and he was also the only one listed as in surgery for most of my time there.  
He wasn't allowed to wear his wedding ring during surgery, so I did.  Found myself twirling it around my finger a lot to pass
the time.  

The story doesn't end there, but I didn't want to share the pictures.  And more will be coming during week eight.  His parents got to see him after surgery before they headed home, and the kids spent the night with my best friend (teacher inservice on Monday), so I dropped them off there.  I called my boss to let him know I wouldn't be at said inservice, checked on Darrin, who just wanted to sleep, and drove myself home to get a good night's sleep and pick up some things to take him on Monday.  That was the longest 24 hours of my life.