Tuesday, March 17, 2015

2015 Week Eight | February 16 - 22

This week was all about Darrin. As much as he hates having attention on himself, it couldn't be avoided. Almost every picture had him in it for this week. As I was telling my friend about it, she pointed out to me, "Well, your life that week pretty much revolved around him that week."

Now we are almost a month removed from all of this, and I'm so thankful this week is behind us.  It felt like it was never going to end, and not knowing whether or not I would be at work the next day was stressful.  I ended up taking off Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Annaliese wrote this on the board in Darrin's room.  It was directly across from his bed so he couldn't miss it. 
The x-rays.  I am now married to a bionic man. 

The kids spent the night with Walter and Henry Sunday night and played all day with them on Monday.  Lots of for playing.

On Tuesday, I worked. I had just planned on grabbing some food to bring to the hospital with us, but Marlena offered to pick up some Chinese.  Never one to turn down Chinese food, I gladly accepted her offer. 

On Wednesday, at 3:00, we were finally out of the hospital and headed home.  

And at home, this was his landing spot. He didn't move from here much this week except to walk to the restroom and back.  

The kids were more than happy to snuggle up with him in the chair, watching TV or reading. 

We called her Nurse Annaliese. She was more than willing to fill his water, replace his ice packs, bring him his walker, and do anything else he might ask of her.  Such a big helper. 

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