Saturday, April 18, 2015

2015 Week Nine | February 23 - March 1

Things returned to a bit of normal here.  The kids and I went to work all five days, and Darrin worked from home a bit, but mostly spent his time resting and recuperating.

This girl turned FIVE this week. She took donuts to Sunday school, and when we gave her a choice of a leftover donut or a cupcake for her birthday candles, she chose a donut.  That would have been my choice, too :)

With a promise of her Red Robin birthday meal when Darrin was more mobile, we went to her favorite fast food place, Runza, where she loves to get the mini corn dogs and applesauce.  

After complaining he was bored and rejecting all my options, he finally took me up on rebuilding one of his Lego sets that had long ago fallen apart and we sorted piece for over winter break.  Our method for sorting (by type of brick, not color), worked well and he was able to put the TMNT sewer back together. 

Towards the end of the week, Darrin was moving a bit more out of his chair, joining us for meals at the table, and playing some chess with Ian. Ian's able to put up a fight in the beginning, but still hasn't been able to beat Darrin.  Annaliese made a pattern with the checkers pieces while the boys were playing. 

Thankful it wasn't this cold last week with all the running to the hospital we did and how much we were outside.  Jealous Darrin didn't have to go outside this week and was able to stay under a quilt all day. 
He might like reading a little too much... he didn't even make it up to his room to read, instead made himself at home on the stairs, staying there to read until the book was finished.  

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Jennifer said...

Love that reading picture - I can see that happening in my house too!