Sunday, May 3, 2015

2015 Week Eleven | March 9 - March 15

After a beginning of the week that was same-old, same-old, the second half of the week brought spring break.  
Spring break began with Ian's first sleepover. I picked him and his best friend up after school and they had so much fun exploring the woods behind our house... 
playing X-BOX... 
and air hockey.  It was a success and I'm sure he'll be back a lot.  He's such a polite and loving kid; Ian couldn't have chosen a better one for his best friend.  
We met Ian's friend's mom at the school playground, and after playing outside for awhile, it was hot and, being the person that I am who never passes up a reason to have ice cream, we headed to DQ to cool down. 
The kids had fun at the school playground the day before (it's not the school Ian attends- he goes to one farther from home, but closer to where I work), so we decided to ride bikes to it the next day and play again.  I opted to "walk" so I could help Annaliese on the hills, but when she was on flats, I ended up running to keep up.  I think this will be a common thing this summer, and hopefully she won't need my help on the hills and I can ride my bike, too.
Having fun at the park swinging. 

That weekend there was a birthday party for my grandma.  In route, we realized Ian had forgotten his books at home. The kid reads three to four hundred pages a weekend, so this was a huge catastrophe.  Kindle, McDonald's wifi, and a public library that allows Kindle checkouts to the rescue.  He discovered the "Heroes in Training" series and was in heaven... once we constructed some shade so he could see the screen. 

The birthday girl's party was a luau theme at a hotel pool. Youngest 85-year-old I know.  She loved watching her great-grandchildren having fun in the pool 
The kids only got out to eat, and when my aunt we were supposed to stay with came down with the flu, the kids convinced me to stay at the hotel so they could swim in the morning. Hoping for some great weather this summer so we can enjoy our pool at home.  
On the drive home on Sunday, I may have planned it so that we left the motel at the perfect time to stop by Steak and Shake for lunch... just to make Darrin, who stayed home (something about a recently broken leg and a four-hour car ride...)  jealous.  The kids were complaining when we got there, and asking to stop the next time we drove by when we left.  Nothing beats their shakes and cheese fries.  YUM!

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