Friday, May 29, 2015

2015 Week Fifteen | April 6 - April 12

We brought Ian's Case back with us when we came home from Easter.  He had been given it for his second birthday, but we've never had a big enough space to store it until now. I wish we would have brought it back sooner, because they played with it every day for two weeks following, and it still gets ridden every time they're outside.  And Annaliese, jammies and all, is able to give Ian a wagon ride as well.  

We drove home Tuesday in snow, and Annaliese jumped right out of the car and had a run in it... 
and attempted to catch some flakes. 
Later that night Ian had his spring sing.  It was a strange drive because there was snow on the ground at our house both before and after the show, but at the school, just two miles away, there was absolutely none.  Ian's spring sing was all about songs from around the world. They opened with "It's a Small World."  My favorite song they sang was "Don Gato."
The same week it snowed, we were out later in short sleeves attempting to fly kites.  They wouldn't stay aloft too long, though, so we eventually called it quits. 

Annaliese had taken UNO cards to school for "U" week at school. We decided to play after dinner one night. Turns out she must have been practicing at school, because she understands fully how to play. What was even more amazing to me was how she could fan out all her cards and hold them. Ian is still mastering this skill. 

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