Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2015 Week Thirteen | March 23 - March 29

One of the problems with working on project life spreads later than the actual week is that you don't realize you only have a few photos for the week until it's too late.  The good this is that the week of May 27 will have a lot of pictures; fear of having another week with so few pictures causes me to grab the camera and get snapping.

Apparently all the spring break shots wore me out, because this week I have pictures of an Easter egg hunt at Boy Scout camp, a Husker baseball game, and Annaliese, who's always asking for her picture to be taken.

Sunday after church we headed to a Boy Scout Camp in town for an Easter egg hunt. 
The best part was the eggs were hidden in the woods.  They had easier spots for the younger kids, but after those were found and they sent us out again, you really had to traipse around the woods to find them. 

Not sure who had more fun on the hunt, this guy or me, when it came to hunting for ones that may have been overlooked. 
Friday night Darrin was able to win suite seats from work for the Husker baseball game. Luckily Marlena and Noah were able to keep the kids overnight so we had a proper date night.  You could tell we were newbie, however, because we assumed suite meant indoor seats. Little did we know they'd be outside in temps right around 50. It was just a bit chilly... We joined one of Darrin's co-workers and his wife for pizza after the game at Yia Yia's.  Not sure I've been out that late (10 pm), especially for dinner, in a long time.  

This girl. Should I be worried she likes to pose and have her picture taken?

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