Thursday, May 28, 2015

2015 Week Fourteen | March 30 - April 5

This was the week of Easter. For the first time in my teaching career, I had Good Friday and the Monday following Easter off, so we were able to visit family for the holiday.

While the long weekend back was mostly about eggs, the kids (and in this case, me) had a lot of fun playing games, too.  They may have been some whining and complaining when someone fell, so we only played a few rounds because it got really annoying when it happened over and over...
Ian challenged Grandpa to a few games of chess, and even though Grandpa claimed to be rusty from not playing in awhile, it must be like riding a bicycle, because he beat Ian.  

The same couldn't be said for Grandma, though, who suffered one loss after another in Guess Who at the hands of Annaliese. I even started monitoring to see if Annaliese was answering the questions correctly and she was. 

Playing with cousins couldn't be beat, either.  They all took turns giving each other tractor rides, and Oliver brought his pedal tractor over as well and they had races.  
We did some experimenting with dyes this year- we used food coloring and vinegar here instead of the PAAS tabs like in years past and it worked wonderfully.  Doubt we'll go back to buying them again. 

This photo just cracks me up. It's really distorted :) 

While we used the PAAS here, Grandma also tried dry rice that had been died with food coloring.  Just add that and an egg in a ziploc and shake, shake, shake.  The egg came out looking very textured.  

Classic hiding spot. Didn't trick her!

Not so much a fan of prickly bushes, but he was able to get his egg, anyway. 

Pointing out Emery's orange egg to her and talking to her in a voice a few octaves higher than normal, trying to encourage her to get it.  

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