Tuesday, May 26, 2015

2015 Week Twelve | March 16 - March 22

Well today began the first day of summer vacation, and what better way to kick it off than by sharing pictures of the last half of spring break... I'm just a bit behind, if you can't tell (what's new?!).  

Spring break continued for Monday and Tuesday of this week, then we all headed back to school on Wednesday. Darrin headed back to work full time. I teased that since we were home all day, he decided he'd rather be at work.  At the end of the week, we celebrated a little guy's second birthday (and Annaliese got sick). 

Monday was spent exploring the botanical gardens.  They built a beautiful conservatory, which is very hot and humid inside due to the tropical plants growing there.  It was beautiful. The kids had fun exploring all it's hidden corners. 

But the real reason we went to the gardens was to check out the Lego sculptures. They had something similar several years ago, and a different set of sculptures were back this year.  

This rototiller was fun- chilling on a shelf above the blades was a Lego dude chilling and eating pizza.  

Gotta love photo ops. 

After the gardens, we headed to the zoo.  It took us an hour to get in, something unheard of, but we had to wait in a crazy long line to renew our membership (apparently the fact it was over 80 that day brought a lot of people out).  We were running short on time after that, so we had to hit our favorite spots. Top of the list- the aquarium. 

Another stop was the fossil dig, which is thankfully little tiny rubber pellets, so they don't have sand stuck to them all day long. 

And a stop to see the sea lions. Ian wants to grow up and be a zoologist, specifically he wants to train the sea lions to do tricks.  I think we need to go to Sea World...
Tuesday we were lazy enjoying the last day of break, except for Ian, who had to finish his spring break work packet.  No idea how that's comfortable, but apparently it gets the job done (note to self, we need to buy higher stools for this house). 
This big guy turned TWO and we celebrated on Saturday at his pigeon party.  Well, Ian and I did. Annaliese threw up over the night, so Darrin stayed home with her. 
Ian discovered what it's like to be the only kid over 4 at the party.  He was quite adept at the games, and I could usually find him in Walter's room reading books instead of playing with the kids. 

Speaking of Walter- Godmom Selfie! 

And that girl who was sick during the night, yeah, she probably could have gone to the party judging how good she felt while playing at home with Darrin. 

Selfie with Daddy :) 

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Jennifer said...

Love the pictures - looks like it was a great spring break!