Thursday, June 25, 2015

2015 Week Seventeen - Nineteen | April 20 - May 10

As I started to work on week 17 for project life yesterday, I had a feeling of dread. I took a total of 3 pictures the entire week. And now that it's two months later, it's not like I can run and snap a few to add to it (motivator to stay current in PL perhaps...). Turns out, I didn't take that many more for weeks 18 or 19, so they actually all fit in a two page spread. Looking on the bright side, what normally would have filled three two-page spread takes only one, leaving more space in the album for other layouts, and allows me to get caught up that much faster.

Little Miss Annaliese had kindergarten round-up Friday afternoon.  She LOVED the two hours she spent with her future teachers and couldn't wait to share her projects with me. I sat through an hour parent meeting and thought to myself how much easier this is the second time around. How much I don't have to worry about things. How totally ready she is to go. 
I went mushroom hunting for the first time in my life that week. They were still pretty tiny, and blend in so well with the leaves. I was thinking there would just cover the ground, almost like plants in a garden. I didn't expect them to be so scattered and to really have to search for them. 
More mushroom hunting this week, only this time we got a haul and they're much bigger. Darrin breads them in saltines and cooks them in butter. I hate them (the texture is nasty and they're a fungus for goodness sake) and the kids taste for them depends on the day, so it's a lot for Darrin to eat on his own. 

Before shower shenanigans.

When not having screen time, and Ian's not busy reading, I can often find the kids sitting at their table playing UNO with TMNT cards. Just the two of them. They compare how many 'good cards' they got and often make up their own rules. Surprisingly, I don't hear arguing all that often. 
At the start of the week, the weather didn't look too promising, and it held true. We got some amount of rain each day.

Andrew Luck, quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, held a Q&A session at Darrin's work. Darrin was then able to get his autograph and a picture with him (Darrin's work printed it there, and I'm too lazy to scan it. It will go in the album, though). 

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