Monday, June 15, 2015

North Shore Day 3

On Monday, we ventured north from Duluth, heading up old highway 61 to visit a few parks.  Our first stop was Leif Erikson Park and rose garden. The flowers weren't yet in bloom, but the park gave us a nice view of Canal Street.  

Our next stop was Brighton Beach. While Park Point beach yesterday was miles after miles of soft sand, this had beautiful rocks and stones. While the kids, and Darrin, threw rocks in the water (or attempted to skip rocks), I hunted for agates.  It's amazing to me that beaches 11.5 miles apart, on the same lake, can have such a different makeup, but that's how it was.  The kids collected quite a few rocks here to add to their collection to bring home (they began collecting them at the beach yesterday). 

After that, we drove north a bit farther to Gooseberry Falls State Park, to see the falls there. I swear, I could take pictures of waterfalls all day long. I love them.  There are actually five falls at the park, and it's impossible to get them all in one shot.  While we were exploring the park, we experienced a brief rain shower, but other than that, it was beautiful.  If the kids hadn't been starving, I think we could have stayed and explored so much longer (we ended up eating our picnic lunch in the car, as all the tables were wet...).  

What you don't see in this picture is that she had taken off her socks and shoes to put her feet in just below the middle falls, and was exclaiming about how cold the water was. 

Our final exploration was to Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.  We were able to tour the lighthouse and attendants house. They were all built from beautiful yellow bricks.  We walked down a flight of stairs that followed the former tram line (they didn't have a road to the lighthouse, instead they brought everything in by boat and sent it up the hill via the tram), which put us at beach level.  Ian had fun doing what he's done on every beach- throw things into the water.  I was trying to get a neat picture, and as luck would have it, a big wave came up, splashed against a rock, and the spray soaked me.  Needless to say, I didn't get my picture but retreated to warm up by Darrin, who was snuggling with Annaliese.  

The stones that supported the tram are to the right of the stairs. 

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