Saturday, June 20, 2015

North Shore Day 5

Today (Wednesday, June 10) we left the shores of Lake Superior to begin our drive home. We spent the night in Ashland, and after breakfast at the hotel, headed south to Cable, Wisconsin. My childhood best friend, Emily, is a naturalist and educator at Cable Natural History Museum.  The kids had lots of fun exploring the Lakes Alive! exhibit (as did I), and then Emily took us to a nearby lake and handed us nets. The intent was to use them to scoop in the leaves on the edge of the lake to find animals, but they also worked just as well for capturing dragonflies to take back and feed the birds at the museum.

This is Emory, a Great Plains Rat snake.  It's one of the many animals Emily uses for teaching at the museum.  

Emily asked the kids if they wanted to hold the snake. Annaliese held her arms out and held it for 1 second. I held it much longer.  
Hanging in the bear den 
Trying to catch dragonflies at the lake. They were EVERYWHERE!
We were digging in the leaves and muck on the edge of the lake to look for animals when I spied this frog. We found lots of little dragonflies in different stages of development and snails, too.  
Emily caught the frog for us and we studied it in the pail. In the ice cube tray are the snails, dragonfly nymphs, and other tiny animals we discovered. 
After a picnic lunch at the museum, we said our goodbyes to Emily and headed towards the Twin Cities. We had to make ones stop on the way, in Hayward at West's Dairy for some homemade ice cream. I didn't get a picture of us, because I was too busy eating and enjoying my ice cream. So many flavors, all made in store- exactly what I want in an ice cream place. After a stop their, we headed to the Mall of America to visit the Lego store, Nickelodeon Universe, and grab dinner. 

Creating their own mini-figures at the Lego Store. They both left with three figures and a set. Ian got another Ninjago set and Annaliese a Disney Frozen set. The first thing they both wanted to do when we got home was put them together.  

Somewhere on there, Ian, Annaliese, and I were riding the roller coaster. A very tame one at that. So tame, in fact, that Darrin offered to hold our bags because he would only go on something that did something cool. This one went fast and had a few hills. No loops or large drops.  Ian rode by himself and said it was awesome. Annaliese clung to me and kept repeating she was scared and asking if it was over yet.  
We grabbed supper at Hard Rock Cafe. Annaliese thought it was the coolest place to eat; she loved all the music they played and danced while she ate.  Then we headed to our hotel... which took three tries to find one with an operating pool, and watched the Blackhawks for the rest of the night.  

The next morning the kids swam in the pool and then we headed to visit Matt, Darrin's best friend, and his wife Heather. Figuring, rightly, that we would be sick of eating out, Heather had made some yummy chicken enchiladas for us and we caught up with each other before driving home. That's what the best part of this vacation was to me, catching up with friends we hadn't seen in awhile. Makes me want to repeat this vacation year after year, if only for that reason. 

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Jennifer said...

What a great combination - museum, nature, and Lego store all in one day!