Tuesday, July 14, 2015

2015 Week Twenty-Four | June 8 - June 14

Our vacation around Duluth continued at the beginning of the week, then we did a bit of traveling through Wisconsin to see Emily. After spending time with her, we drove to the Twin Cities to chill with Darrin's best friend Matt and his wife. Always leave wishing we lived so much closer to them.
Monday we spent the day driving Old Highway 61 and exploring the state parks along the way. We had so much fun exploring the falls at Gooseberry Falls State Park. They were beautiful, and fell into shallow enough water we could step out into them. 
Another favorite stop on Monday was Split Rock Lighthouse. Beautiful lighthouse set high on the cliff. 
Tuesday we took a ferry from Bayfield to Madeline Island, where we rented bikes and rode the 7.5 miles to the state park to play at the beach... and then rode all the way back. Our butts were sooooooo sore. 
Wednesday we drove to Cable, WI, where my childhood best friend Emily works as a naturalist at the Natural History Museum. We checked out the exhibit at the museum, then headed to a nearby pond to learn about nature up close. 
Wednesday night we spent in the Twin Cities, stopping by the Mall of America to visit the Lego Store and ride a roller coaster. Thursday morning we spent time with Darrin's best friend and his wife, then headed home. 

 Saturday our town had its local celebration. Ian was in the parade for cub scouts, and after, the kids had a blast cooling down in the pool. We had friends over for dinner later, and the kids spent their time rolling and running down the hill in our backyard.

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Jennifer said...

Looks like it was a great vacation!