Wednesday, July 1, 2015

2015 Week Twenty | May 11 - May 17

This week is really all about Friday, May 15. It was a busy day in our lives. Darrin and I took the day off to attend Annaliese's preschool graduation. We then treated her to lunch at Spaghetti Works (and I stopped by the administration building to fill out paperwork for my new job). That afternoon, my dad called, voice cracking to tell me my grandfather had passed away peacefully in his sleep. After having a good cry, Darrin and I decided to wait to tell the kids until Saturday, because I was headed out the door to pick up Ian and his best friend from school for a sleep over. It was definitely a day I'll never forget. 

My little graduate 
The director of the program read each child's journal to the friends and family gathered in the room. Annaliese was the first one who went. I have no idea where her Popsicle comment came from. My guess is that another friend said that and she joined along. 

Celebratory lunch at Spaghetti Works

The boys hanging out playing a little B-ball after school.
I posted this picture of my grandpa on Facebook Friday night, along with this for my status:
To steal my sister's status: "Heaven gained a good man today." When I remember him, I'll remember tractor rides and squirts of milk into my mouth straight from a cow. I'll remember him every time I see a farmer- farming was in his blood. I'll remember watching him with my kids- how he'd reach out his hand/foot/cane to try and catch them as they raced around him in his chair, doing whatever he could to get them to smile and laugh. I'll remember his hugs- they always lasted longer than anyone else who gives me a hug, and he'd squeeze just a bit tighter before letting me go and kissing my cheek. And I'd smell just like him for hours afterward.

Saturday Annaliese and I went for a bit of exercise on our avenue. She kept the perfect pace that I was able to speed walk and keep up with her. 

She has figured out how to make her own PB&J, which will pay off this summer for me!
She has also learned how to read a few words (no, on, of, to). She was stoked when she found the book, "No, David!" on her bookshelf, realizing she could read a lot of the words in it. Think she aspires to be a teacher?

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