Tuesday, July 7, 2015

2015 Week Twenty-Three | June 1 - June 7

This was the week of the frog. I spent Monday working on opening the pool- cleaning out the debris, getting the hoses hooked up, fixing chem levels, etc. While I was working, there was a frog climbing the side of the pool, and later I found him in the grass by the pool. I went to take replace the brackets around the edge (many were damaged in a hail storm last year), and discovered three living under there, which resulted in Darrin getting a text that HE will be changing the brackets. The next day I discovered three or four in the skimmer basket, and Darrin got another text letting him know he'll be dumping it. I just don't do frogs/toads. They jump.

The rest of the week was some normal stuff around home, a trip to the zoo with friends, and the start of vacation in Duluth.
They look cute... but then they jump. Ugh!

This was gross! 
We went with Marlena and the boys to the zoo. Forgot how much longer it takes to see things with a toddler along. There's lots of construction going on there right now, and Henry was fascinated by all the tractors. And water bottles. Even though Marlena had one along for him, he preferred to drink from Ian or Annaliese's. 

We had cherries for the first time in a long time, and Annaliese loved them. She couldn't figure out how to put it in her mouth and then spit the seed out, so she held the cherry and ate around the seed... which was messy!
We've been reading the Harry Potter series, so we had one happy boy after a stop at Game Stop. 
Annaliese got a toy the same day, a Barbie made for the water, and she got used right away when we got home,
with the first dip in the pool. 
Supper on the scenic train ride in Duluth. 
Excited for the train ride to start. 
Big Manitou Falls in Superior, WI. 
Choosing the 'fun' route to the tower at Enger Park instead of the sidewalk. 
Feeling good about themselves after making it to the top and back down. 
Programming a flight at the Duluth Children's Museum. 
Having fun at Park Point in Duluth. 

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