Sunday, September 20, 2015

2015 Week Twenty-Seven | June 29 - July 5

Ahhhh, a long 4th of July weekend. With the holiday falling on Saturday, Darrin had the day off on Friday, which made what can be a hectic weekend perfectly blissful. Plenty of time to spend just hanging out as a family, and spending the holiday with friends.

The week started with a visitor to our front porch. Darrin went out to sit after supper and found this little guy/gal. 
The fawn ended up curling up in the corner of our porch and spending the night. 

The fawn was gone the next morning, but came back to visit a two days later (or I suppose it could be a different fawn).

Annaliese checked out a cookbook from the library as part of the summer reading challenge, and it had princess wands in it. Ian refused to make one of those, but was just fine with making a Harry Potter wand. 

Boxes- the best toys ever. 
Family bike ride to the park where Daddy and Annaliese shared a swing. 

We tend to go swimming during the day while Darrin is at work, so it's always a special treat when we can swim at a time he gets in the pool. 
We started the 4th at Ian's best friend's house for brats and conversation... by the adults at least. The kids, well, they were tuned in to electronics. 

Annaliese loves to hang with Ian's best friend's sister, and she does a great job of humoring her. 

Later we headed to spend time with Noah's family. The adults had fun playing Phase Ten. 

Annaliese spent her time behind the wheel. She'd share it if needed, but really didn't want to get out of it. She handles it really well. I'm already worried for when she's 16... 

Ian sometimes struggles with being the oldest by 3 years out of all the other kids, and coming from his best friend's where he had tons of fun and things to do, it was a bit of a bummer in the beginning for him. 
Once the fireworks came out, though, all was forgotten and he was right in there. The kids loved walking through the smoke bombs and chasing the parachutes.
Best seats in the house. 

Sparkler fun. Ian was casting spells from Harry Potter with his. Annaliese struck lots of poses with hers. 

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