Sunday, October 11, 2015

2015 Week Twenty-Nine | July 13 - July 19

This was THE most busy week of the summer. My family was ehre visiting and we took them to Splash Station, the Children's Museum, and spent time just hanging out around our house. Then there was the field trip with our library to the Strategic Air Museum (I could have filled this post with 30 pictures of that alone, actually, pretty much 30 pictures of any of the events from this week). Black Day launch party, birthday party, and Cub Scout Rain Gutter Ragatta and swim rounded out the weekend. 
Cousin fun at Splash Station. 

And then more cousin fun at the Children's Museum operating the crane in the ball room.

Most of the time, though, was spent hanging out in our pool. The weather was perfect.

The kids were willing guinea pigs for some PT students at Creighton. We've been doing this since Ian was 6 months old. 

On Friday we joined others from our library summer reading program at the Strategic Air Museum, where we had a picnic lunch under the wing of a huge plane. The kids had fun scanning QR codes from planes to collect parts, and then, using those parts, they tried to create an ideal airplane. 

Friday night there was a launch party for Black Day. Ian read the book for the first time, sharing it with Owen. 

The party was at a restaurant, where there was a DJ playing. Annaliese had fun rocking out. 

Saturday was Walter's 5th birthday. He had lots of curious fans during present time. 

While his brother got lots of love and squeezes. 

Ian's favorite spot at Walter's. We're pretty much guaranteed to find him there, especially when he's feeling too old to do the activities the other kids are doing. 

Saturday night was Ian's Rain Gutter Ragatta. He blew his sailboat to a third place finish. 

After the contest, there was swimming. Ian hung out with this friend the whole time. 

Luckily one of the scouts had a sister Annaliese's age that she spent the night hanging out with. 

They both spent lots of time jumping in the water as well. It didn't take much convincing to have Ian go off the diving board, but he only wanted to do it once, and then get back to his friend. Annalises and her friend would take turns jumping in . That is her standard form when jumping in.