Tuesday, November 17, 2015

2015 Week Thirty-Two | August 3 - August 9

We belong to, through which Ian gets mailed Lego kits. He put this one together, and then he let Annaliese join in on the fun with her Elsa Lego figure. 

I flew back home Monday, so there was the obligatory carpet shot and landing. 

He doesn't read much, but he saw previews for "The Martian" and having already read it this summer, I told him he'd love it. Turns out I was right. 

Soccer practice started for Ian this week. Up to this point, he hadn't played in two years. Soccer turned out to be such an amazing thing for us this fall. 

Darrin texted me this picture. He had picked the kids up from school and they got in the pool. He opened the umbrella to find this frog sitting there. We found out earlier this summer when I'd found them in the pool skimmer my dislike for them (the jumping freaks me out) so he sent this to me mentioning how he pictured my reaction had I opened the umbrella and found this little guy there. 

The back-to-school packets for the kids came this week. Annaliese had a necklace to wear on the first day, so of course we had to fill it out right away. She then proceeded to snap several pictures of it. 

Enjoying the last few days of summer when he has unlimited time to read. At the time, I wondered if we'd go to the library as frequently as we did during the summer. We don't go as frequently, but definitely still once a week. It's insane the amount of pages he reads in a week. 

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