Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Layout | Full of Heart

I subscribe to Ali Edwards Story Kits. January's topic was "heart" and as I watched the videos and looked at the content for that month, I knew I wanted to tell this story- the story of Ian and his kind, tender heart. But like with every kit, they generate a ton of ideas for me, but I never have much time to create them. Then I saw the a layout my friend Devra created, and I couldn't stop thinking about this layout. Spring break has arrived, and I have finished the layout. Coincidence? I think not.

The journaling reads:
You have the biggest, most tender heart. 
You play so well with your sister. 
You are Henry's big buddy and humor him.  
You tear up whenn you feel you've done something wrong. 
You stand up to bullies.
You help whenever we ask you to.
You hug, kiss, and snuggle with us. 
You prove love is a verb. 
I hope you always live life with such a kind heart. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

2015 Week Thirty-Two | August 3 - August 9

We belong to, through which Ian gets mailed Lego kits. He put this one together, and then he let Annaliese join in on the fun with her Elsa Lego figure. 

I flew back home Monday, so there was the obligatory carpet shot and landing. 

He doesn't read much, but he saw previews for "The Martian" and having already read it this summer, I told him he'd love it. Turns out I was right. 

Soccer practice started for Ian this week. Up to this point, he hadn't played in two years. Soccer turned out to be such an amazing thing for us this fall. 

Darrin texted me this picture. He had picked the kids up from school and they got in the pool. He opened the umbrella to find this frog sitting there. We found out earlier this summer when I'd found them in the pool skimmer my dislike for them (the jumping freaks me out) so he sent this to me mentioning how he pictured my reaction had I opened the umbrella and found this little guy there. 

The back-to-school packets for the kids came this week. Annaliese had a necklace to wear on the first day, so of course we had to fill it out right away. She then proceeded to snap several pictures of it. 

Enjoying the last few days of summer when he has unlimited time to read. At the time, I wondered if we'd go to the library as frequently as we did during the summer. We don't go as frequently, but definitely still once a week. It's insane the amount of pages he reads in a week. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

2015 Week Thirty-One | July 27 - August 2

This could also be called, "The Week Apart."  I was in Portland, OR. The kids were in Iowa with their grandparents. And Darrin, well, he was at home working and living the bachelor life (picture evidence below). 

My sister sent me this picture of the kids playing with their cousin at a park back home. I'm so glad they're always able to spend a week back home every summer being spoiled by their grandparents and spending some great time with their cousins. 
The girls I was going to spend the week with had been posting pictures of their feet and the airport carpet, which I later learned was a thing specifically at the Portland, OR airport. Anyway, I snapped a picture before I left the Omaha airport. I flew Southwest and we stopped in LA, though it was a through flight so I wasn't able to deplane. I just stared at the palm trees out my window instead. 
These are the wonderful ladies I spent the long weekend with, scrapbooking, laughing, and eating. 
And this is the place I went walking/running each morning. So beautiful!
My work space, complete with a delicious truffle :) 
While I was hanging there, Darrin was hanging out with our new porch furniture and enjoying a case of the beer he had at the restaurant we ate at for our anniversary. It was delicious (I could even stand to drink it, which is saying something). We had looked for it and never found it in stores, until this week. 
At the end of the week, Darrin met his parents at Adventureland, where they all had an awesome time. Seeing this picture reminds me I really need to scrap the pictures Darrin took of that day. The kids still talk about it to this day. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

2015 Week Thirty | July 20 - July 26

Time for catch-up. The year is nearly over (gulp!). I've got the first half of the year all wrapped up, and the second half is very lacking. That's the goal before December rolls around and I'm knee deep in our advent activities.

Week Thirty. It sunk in this week how close to over summer was and how much I hadn't accomplished yet in my to-do list. Accomplishing the to-do list swung into full gear.
I hung my first load of laundry on the line this week... and realized what I had for a line wouldn't work. A week later we installed four lines and got rid of these retractable ones. 
After a long weekend, she fell asleep late Monday afternoon in her bed after getting sent to her room. Tried to get her up for dinner, and all she did was yell at me every time I tried and rolled over. She woke up right as Darrin and I were going to bed and was wondering what was going on. 
Darrin was gone for most of this week at a conference. It was weird to see my lone toothbrush in our holder. And, knowing my love for pictures, Darrin snapped one of the sun setting during his flight. 
That to-do list I mentioned at the beginning, I checked one off and organized all the pictures my parents gave me. They're back in boxes waiting for them to visit so I can get the stories, but they're at least organized now by topic. 
This week the library presentation was a folk singer who played seven different instruments and sang songs from the different ethnic groups that have settled Nebraska. 
Shortly after Darrin returned, we headed to Iowa to visit my family. The kids always have such fun with Great Billie. 
And while there, we stopped by Steak and Shake, where Annaliese and I shared a shake and water. She thought it was awesome sharing it with me like this. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

2015 Week Twenty-Nine | July 13 - July 19

This was THE most busy week of the summer. My family was ehre visiting and we took them to Splash Station, the Children's Museum, and spent time just hanging out around our house. Then there was the field trip with our library to the Strategic Air Museum (I could have filled this post with 30 pictures of that alone, actually, pretty much 30 pictures of any of the events from this week). Black Day launch party, birthday party, and Cub Scout Rain Gutter Ragatta and swim rounded out the weekend. 
Cousin fun at Splash Station. 

And then more cousin fun at the Children's Museum operating the crane in the ball room.

Most of the time, though, was spent hanging out in our pool. The weather was perfect.

The kids were willing guinea pigs for some PT students at Creighton. We've been doing this since Ian was 6 months old. 

On Friday we joined others from our library summer reading program at the Strategic Air Museum, where we had a picnic lunch under the wing of a huge plane. The kids had fun scanning QR codes from planes to collect parts, and then, using those parts, they tried to create an ideal airplane. 

Friday night there was a launch party for Black Day. Ian read the book for the first time, sharing it with Owen. 

The party was at a restaurant, where there was a DJ playing. Annaliese had fun rocking out. 

Saturday was Walter's 5th birthday. He had lots of curious fans during present time. 

While his brother got lots of love and squeezes. 

Ian's favorite spot at Walter's. We're pretty much guaranteed to find him there, especially when he's feeling too old to do the activities the other kids are doing. 

Saturday night was Ian's Rain Gutter Ragatta. He blew his sailboat to a third place finish. 

After the contest, there was swimming. Ian hung out with this friend the whole time. 

Luckily one of the scouts had a sister Annaliese's age that she spent the night hanging out with. 

They both spent lots of time jumping in the water as well. It didn't take much convincing to have Ian go off the diving board, but he only wanted to do it once, and then get back to his friend. Annalises and her friend would take turns jumping in . That is her standard form when jumping in. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

2015 Week Twenty-Eight | July 6 - July 12

Picnic lunches must be followed by walks in the park. 
Tuesday the public library had an event at the PD horse barn. 
We got to get up close and pet the horses and hear all about the training they go through. 
Then after we headed to Jones Bros. Cupcakes where they were hosting the minions for what was then the upcoming movie. 
And of course we had to buy some to eat... with more frosting on them than cupcake. 
Which is the way they taste the best. 
She slept pretty much every night of the summer in Ian's room, on a mattress on the floor. And then brother went to cub scout camp and she had to sleep in her own bed. Found her sleeping with all her friends in bed. Guess she didn't want to get lonely. 
Ian went to cub scout camp for the weekend. Darrin was able to go along (it was strongly encouraged for a parent to go) and a plus side of that for me was Darrin was able to snap lots of pictures so I can document his first camp experience. Here is was in the robotics portion of camp. 

Swimming at camp. 

And fishing.

And spending time with friends.

And boating.

And his favorite, archery.

While the boys were at camp, Annaliese and I attended a book reading of "Black Day" the book our friend Noah illustrated. 
And then we helped out at the monster cookie table (the book has Halloween costumes that come to life... they could be considered monsters).
Unknown to Ian and Annaliese, Grandma, Grandpa, Cara, and Oliver were coming to visit. They got in Saturday afternoon and surprised Annaliese, who I had strategically out in the drive waiting. Ian was surprised to see them on Sunday when he came home. It wasn't long after all were home that everyone was in the pool.