Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Layout | Full of Heart

I subscribe to Ali Edwards Story Kits. January's topic was "heart" and as I watched the videos and looked at the content for that month, I knew I wanted to tell this story- the story of Ian and his kind, tender heart. But like with every kit, they generate a ton of ideas for me, but I never have much time to create them. Then I saw the a layout my friend Devra created, and I couldn't stop thinking about this layout. Spring break has arrived, and I have finished the layout. Coincidence? I think not.

The journaling reads:
You have the biggest, most tender heart. 
You play so well with your sister. 
You are Henry's big buddy and humor him.  
You tear up whenn you feel you've done something wrong. 
You stand up to bullies.
You help whenever we ask you to.
You hug, kiss, and snuggle with us. 
You prove love is a verb. 
I hope you always live life with such a kind heart. 

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Moneik said...

That's awesome! I'm simply amazed by all you do with your scrap booking. Great job.