Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Crazy Busy

It's been a long time since I've posted, but with good reason- we're prepping the house to move. I had an interview last week in a rural district near here and accepted the position, so our goal is to move halfway between here and there. So last week, while I was off on spring break, we used it to cross some things off the to-do list.

East/South wall before: 

 East/South wall after. The south (red) wall is a darker shade, but it's a bit hard to tell.

Entry way/ Stairs in progress:

Entry way/ Stairs after: 

Darrin hard at work in the space above the kitchen. He repaired the dry wall that had been water damaged beautifully. You can't tell now (though I failed to get the after shot). 

Annaliese offered to climb up and paint the top for us, though she only made it up one more rung. 

We also regrouted the counter tops.  Before: 
After: (the lighting isn't the best in the first one, but you get the idea of how nasty the old grout looked).

 Only a few things left before she's ready to go on the market!


Jennifer said...

Congrats on the exciting change! Hope the house sells quickly.

Moneik said...

Wow! So much work going on. Hope it sells quickly.

Debbie said...

Have you found a new home yet? Good luck selling the old home and I hope the move goes smoothly.