Sunday, September 21, 2008

Go Pack Go

Ian has just one thing to say: Get a touchdown Pack!
Touchdown! Go Packers!

Recapping this week, I joined the quilt guild Marlena and Sara belong to on Monday. The meetings are the 3rd Monday of the month, so hopefully they won't correspond to staff meetings too often. Thursday was Open House at work. I had a couple of students show up with their parents. It's always nice when they do, since we go to a lot of work setting up for the parents.

Saturday night we spent over at Marlena and Noah's cooking hot dogs, smores, and hot sandwiches in their fire pit. Ian got marshmallow all over his clothes and face. He wanted to eat it, but didn't want to touch it.

I spent sometime this weekend sewing. I only have about 10 more green ocean waves blocks left. It will feel good to get them all done and move on to the purple squares.

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