Saturday, October 11, 2008

Surprise Guests

While Sara, Marlena, and I were busy quilting away the day today, we had some surprise visitors drop by, although they stopped by to see our neighbors first.

These turkeys hung out for nearly 5 hours. They moved between our yard, the neighbors on either side of us, and those behind us. I would have expected this back home where my parents live, but not where we live, which is a pretty heavily populated part of Omaha. We do have a big park close to our house with some wooded area, so that has to be where they came from. They enjoyed perching on the fence in our backyard.

As always, I had a great time quilting with Sara and Marlena. I choose not to work on Shadow Play, but get some other things finished up. We were all exhausted, so the conversation wasn't as lively as usual, but we all managed to be very productive and quilt for a long time. I'll post pictures later after the camera battery has charged.

Marlena was organizing her sewing room and made a list of every project she has fabric/yarn for. She wouldn't tell me how many until I figured my list, so I did. I came up with 15 projects, which is actually more than I thought I would have. It's nowhere near what she has, but in a quest to reduce that list, she brought Ian over a pillowcase that is just perfect for him.

He is really into any type of vehicle, so he loves his pillow. It was the perfect gift because he's also really into pillows and blankets. He'll pull the blankets and pillows off the couch to curl up with them, even though it only usually lasts for about 10 seconds. He gets mad if Darrin and I use them because he thinks they're all his. Before the girls got here today he was busy reading on the couch.

I had to smile while taking this picture because the quilter in me loved that he is infatuated with blankets/quilts right now, and the teacher in me loves that he's 'reading' a book.

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